Do You Know Where Your Mold is Lurking?

Many things that are harmful to your health are difficult to ignore. Most of these things are right in your face, but there are a few that can be silent killers. These dangers that are not always visible are the ones that can be most harmful.

Mold can be a killer, but it can also be invisible to the naked eye, which means that some people are unaware that they are even being exposed to mold until it is too late. This means that it is time that you became educated on what caused mold growth within the home and where it tends to grow.

This is the only real way that you can be proactive about ridding your home of mold and making sure that you do not come down with a respiratory disease that is linked to exposure to mold.

Mold Growth

Mold Conditions

It is important to note that there are a few conditions that need to be present in order for mold to grow. This means that the only way that mold can grow within your home is if mold spores exist that have a food source. The most common sources of food for mold spores are wood and drywall. You should also be aware that mold thrives in darkness and does not grow in cold temperatures.

This means that warmth, moisture and oxygen are all key ingredients that need to be present if mold is going to grow. There are some things that you can’t get rid of from your home like wood and warmth, but it is possible to make moisture scarce so that mold doesn’t have a chance to grow.

Weather and Mold

One thing that can cause mold that you do not have a lot of control over is the weather. The weather or humid temperatures can be a major cause of mold growth within your home. This means that if you live in humid regions, it is a good idea to be aware that wold can easily grow within your home. The areas that are the most humid are the locations that are near a large body of water. If you live on the coast, mold growth is something that you need to concern yourself with.

Don’t Dry Clothes Indoors

You might not realize this, but one major way to increase mold growth in your home is to dry wet clothes. This means that drying wet clothes indoors should not be something that you do often. It can lead to increased humidity within your home and can allow mold the perfect environment for growth. Humidity within the home is not ideal in any case.

Leaking Pipe

There are also some causes of mold growth within the home that are less obvious. A leaking pipe within the home can be a main culprit of mold growth, but it is possible to be unaware that a pipe is even leaking. This means that if a pipe inside the wall is leaking slowly and is undetected, it is possible for mold to be growing without your even knowing. Many people assume that they will know when mold is growing in their home, but this is not always the case.

Roof and Mold

Another part of your home that is directly linked to mold growth is your roof. Since your roof is exposed to moisture, it only make sense that your roof would be vulnerable to mold growth. A roof leak within your attic can easily go undetected for long periods of time, but it can result in major mold growth and a direct risk to your health. This means that you nee to take the time to check your attic for leaks and mold growth often. This is the only way that you will be able to know for sure that harmful mold id not growing inside of your home.

Flooding and Mold

If you have any flooding issues within your basement, you should also be aware of the mold risk. This means that if flooding of any type has ever occurred within your home, you need to make sure that it is dries out completely. This is the only way that you can be sure that mold of any type will not begin to grow.

Once you know what the most common causes of mold growth are, you can begin to prevent against them. The areas of your home that you need to check most often for mold growth include the kitchen, near windows, under appliances and on your roof. This is where dampness can most often result in mold growth. A musty odor is what you will most often notice before you actually spot the mold. This means that you need to be aware of this smell and track it once you begin to notice this odor within your home.

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